Old-time music is good for the soul

Here's us performing one of our favorites, "Been All Around This World":

Here's our promo video:

The Early Grove String Band, based in Charlottesville, Virginia, kicks the energy up a notch at your special event. With their rustic Appalachian fiddle tunes and Bluegrass songs, these dynamic entertainers provide just the festive atmosphere you're looking for. Under the capable leadership of Peter Markush (fiddle, guitar, vocals), this band delivers top-notch musicianship, professionalism, and flexibility.

the band

Available as a two-, three-, four-, or five-person band, the Early Grove String Band lets you choose the number of musicians to fit your preference. They also tailor their music selection to fit your event. For parties and wedding receptions, you'll probably want rousing sing-alongs like Wagon Wheel and porch-stomping tunes like John Brown's Dream. For cocktail hours, they can provide a more subdued rustic atmosphere with instrumentals like Elzik's Farewell or Soldier's Joy. And for processionals at your wedding ceremony, you'll probably want one of their more elegant instrumentals like Rose of the Mountain. They can even perform classical wedding ceremony favorites like Canon in D by Pachelbel, or instrumental renditions of pop wedding ceremony favorites like A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. Check out our repertoire page for a list of the musical selections that we play on a regular basis. And yes, we can play your requests! Just give us advance notice in case it's something we'll need to rehearse.

Instrumentation normally includes fiddle, banjo, acoustic guitar, and upright bass, but these multi-instrumentalists mix it up to provide a varied sound for your maximum entertainment value. A sound amplification system can be provided at an additional charge.

Click the e-mail link below or call Peter Markush at 434-295-6367 for more information or to book this highly sought-after band.


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